-And Humanity-

As mentioned in the lore of Vigil,
Earth has been altered many times over
to be used as a vast belief battery
for the nE to allow certain members
to be granted an echo of their
original powers. A powerful echo, but an
echo never the less. This power has been
used to re-purpose matter and energy, but
remains incapable of being used to create
new. While some nE believe that it is the
flaws in the generators (humans) which cause
"gods" to manifest, and keeps the nE from
creating new matter- others have realized
that the all realities have been calibrated
to prevent more matter from being
added or subtracted. These nE have
set out to build their own faction and are
seeking any old matter that has some
how escaped re-tooling- believing it to
be the secret to restoring the Pangaea

There have also been plans to scrap
The Great Project and start anew with a
better set of generators, but most of the
nE who have power remain terrified to give
it up simply to start fresh. Others have attempted
to build new generators, and have had a
puzzling lack of success. One such problem is
how to prevent the generators from becoming
aware of the generator process. In humanity
they lucked out, because a certain amount of useful
obliviousness prevails in the human psychology.

This goes a long way towards explaining why
few people on Ghost's adopted planet seem
capable of seeing "gods" or nE or even noticing any
day to day strangeness either. They do
seem capable of noticing a direct line of
danger, however when the threat passes, they
often will not pay any attention to the
cause, the source, or the results. At one
point in GNS the planet and society was altered in
a way no one could help but notice. Yet only
a few scattered people ever noticed much less
acted on it.