Benjamin Ramsis Stapleton
Age: 19.
Weight: 185 pounds.
Description- soulless undead zombie
Species- human: Personality- sheltered, occasionally acerbic

History- Born to rich parents, Bennie never had to worry about money or the consequences of his actions. Indeed most of his time spent until he was ten was mostly getting into trouble. At that time he was discovered to have a greater talent for music than he did for getting into trouble, so his parents in desperation sent him away to some of the finest conservatories money could buy. It was on his sixteenth birthday that his parents passed away on a trip to the horn of Africa. His sister Jennifer inherited the estate, only to discover that it was somewhat drained dry by her father's best friend and lawyer. She did her best to keep things together and keep Bennie in school, thinking his talent would net him at least a better life than he would have had. Bennie knew nothing about the finance, and at age eighteen decided to run off to New York. Quickly falling into a bad crowd which included a man named Aaron Hayes, who introduced Bennie to rapping and became his agent. After spending all that time in music study, Bennie was able to create music and vocals that were off the charts. Talent scouts discovered him and for a while it seemed like Bennie would succeed beyond his wildest dreams. It was then that a rival record label decided that having their stars upstaged would weaken their monetary input, and so they paid Hayes seven million for Bennie's death. Hayes did, chasing Bennie through the hotel they were staying at, pumping him full of sixteen bullets before finally having to club him to death and flee into the night. Bennie's will to live was strong enough to reach the heart of the White Lady, Elizabeth, who granted him the return to the world of the living as a zombie, bound to be her material warrior to assist the Ghost in his job of protecting the Nexus of Souls.

Powers include- super human strength and endurance.
He can literally keep regenerating as long as a single molecule of him remains, as long as his death force doesn't run out. He also has a nE weapon that was designed to put him on the same level as any opponent he faces, minus the skills they would have learned over their lifetime.