Boyd Boo
Age: ???
Weight: Zero. Moves by will.
Description- Herald of White Lady Eliziabeth.
Species- Human: Personality- happy, simple

History- Not much is known about Boyd, except that he was found wandering the outskirts of the Nexus, his memory completely wiped. No one was able to find the monster that did it, but it damaged him so much that he was unable to be united with the Nexus. He also had signs of surviving multiple attacks from soul eaters. Very few have ever survived one on one with a single soul eater, much less the numbers the marks on him showed. Roy took him under his wing such as it is, and made certain he had a job and a place to stay in return for being his sidekick. He also seems to have a stronger, darker alternate identity that manifests when he's behind the wheel of his car.

Powers include- .phasing through matter, telekinesis, flight, the manifestation of mufti-dimensional tools called orbs, although he seems to manifest them as cubes. Boyd can also extract energy from eating, so unlike Roy, he needs to spend less time at the Nexus to recharge. He can also regurgitate acidic ecto as a stomach blast.