Ghost/Miles Kendrick/Ial Ghestral/Wizard Miles-
Age: just under 2 billion years old.
Weight: 400 pounds to 18,205 tons depending on form.
Description- black hole fueled cybernetic a-morph with
self contained pocket dimension.
Species- Volblkhelian: Personality- cold, protective

History- Two billion years ago in a war torn universe,Ial was discovered in the wreck of a supernova, that a week before had been a habitable world. Surprised by his ability to survive his core algorithms were tested and discovered to be off the charts, making him superhuman among his people. The better to make him a symbol of victory, his adopted father placed him in the Young Destiny program. It was the speed at which he coldly rose through the ranks terrified the Federation as well as his own people. The federation propaganda displayed Ial as a cold, psychotic killing machine, and it worked, because he became what was expected of him. This popularity (infamy) drove a wedge between him and his adopted brother, Ion, turning him from merely evil to a being a nightmare himself. A nightmare that was working for the Zombiaan menace, and deliberately seeded federation planets with death until he was caught and executed. Something else he blamed Ial for. This caused Ial's adopted mother to execute herself, and his adopted dad to distance himself as well. Ial did manage to end the war after a billion years of fighting, and prepared himself to end his life considering his job fulfilled. This was not taken well by Tapolv, the daughter of the captain who found Ial in space, who saw herself as an older sister to him since he'd first joined Young Destiny. After an epic fight with her, Ial retreated away from everyone, and would have stayed that way if not for the discovery that their universe was dying.

Powers include- control of gravity, body morph, energy discharge, gamma blasts, time perception freeze, and the ability to consume any known form of matter.