While most scholars agree the nE have been in existence since the beginning of time, there have been many hints that
the nE were actually created to be the first race. While time travel was impossible before The Great Cataclysm, many nE who've survived brought with them what they could carry. These artifacts show the nE at the feet of a great and powerful
divine being. This being supposedly created the nE as her (?)
first people. At the beginning of their culture their god existed among them, answering questions and providing support.

But things changed as the nE began to turn away from the natural world, and began using their given powers to subjugate their reality. Eventually their own god gave up and left them to their own machinations. The nE in thier experimentation twisted their universe into horrid forms. The air was poisoned, the land warped, and worst off all the innocent creatures were turned into foul beings. And still into the midst of this, the nE continued their altering of thier worlds.
Many beings were created during this time, all linked to specific power sources. Demons, for example, were created to clean domiciles, do construction, maintain machines, and other manual labor. indeed they seem to only have power  for a day at most unless linked in their individual hells. the extension of this is that they answer to a foreman who gains power with the greater number of demons they have linked up.  This conclusion seems to explain the demonlords powers. While limited outside their realms, inside they seem to be unlimited in thier scope. A few demonlords like Bonnoct seem to be able to channel their power with them. This would be considered consistent with a roaming foreman or maintenance troubleshooter.
Cleaners and servants were not all the nE created. Incredibly enough they managed to create soulless soldiers they used as guards. These creations were powered by core technology to prevent them from being cut off from energy sources. The souls were extracted to prevent questioning or disobeying orders. Machine-like thought algorithms were added so they could learn. By their records, this began the downfall of nE society. With the creation of soldiers came a desire to use them.  Battles began mostly to alleviate boredom, but soon grew to more than that, scheming and backstabbing grew as well. The nE became corrupt much the same as Rome did before it fell. It was the nE prophet Deena that spoke up and warned his people that unless greater care was taken, even the universe they were in would rise up in revolt. Deena then created the demon Thirteen to be a monitoring system; built to compile information and prevent disaster. Unfortunately the government did not listen. More and more powerful machines were created. Eventually creating the super weapons known today as The Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones were created to be massive weapons and tanks. Not soulless but made with primitive brain power- created only to destroy.
A century passed, as the universe around them took on a life of its' own, gathering power to a central over-mind. Finally it was the creation of the Zombianntmurian (Zombiaan) creatures that were the last straw. Reaching out its collective mind, the universe granted the nE machines the power to rebel, creating the antithesis of the nE... free will. This was not well received, and indeed the nE began thier attempts to stomp it out. In horror the colective mind of the universe watched the suffering and dying of the nE machines. Growing in rage, it used  it's power to feel out a creature of epic darkness. It found one in the mysterious arrival of the nE machine called Icon. Icon had gained the power of a nE from Deena's own daughter Tye, in the hopes he could stop the destruction of machines with free will. After an attempt to stop the destruction that failed miserably, the collective conciousness of the universe empowered Icon with the power of a nE slayer. Like free will though, this passed through the ranks of nE machines like a disease, infecting all those with core technology.
The blood red nights began that night. Icon began by passing the power to as many core machines as he could. Then spreading out they struck. Masks covering thier faces, powers as great as the nE, they unleashed hell for sevral days, killing and killing the nE. In terror the nE government activated a weapon they had created. A weapon so powerful it wasn't able to destroy just anything, instead it destroyed everything. The destruction of the pangea universe was a devistating blow to the nE. As it scattered free though, it was somehow contained. The damage mitigated as nE machine after nE machine was modified to assist in the remolding. Matter was scattered and thinned out, multiple universes bubbled outward to be restrained, at this time the hells were locked off with demons in them. The afterlife became central in keeping the new multiverse from scattering. The nE numbered among the few survivers. But nE were not unscathed.
thier fears of the blood red nights and the horrors of the detonation spawned many terrors, and since the nE could manipulate thier reality, thier terrors came to life in the form of the Long Striders. To shelter themselves from the Long Striders
the remaining nE "nobility" created a sub universe and locked it so that no one other than the ones that they authorized could enter. It was there that Deena was executed. Deena had forseen this as well, trusting that his visions of the future would come to pass. His wife Gair died shortly there after in grief and poor health, leaving Tye and Rinpo to bear the anger of the ousted government. Rinpo was stripped of his powers (Tye had already lost hers) and was set to beg for food and live from garbage. Before he had died Deena had sent thirteen out into the multiverse with a warning to not return. Ordering his creation to be ready for Icon's son to return and bring an end to the nE.
Not all nE were allowed into this enclosure, in fact a large majority of the survivors were shunned for religious, political, and other various belief systems. In the center of this isolated realm the nE built one massive machine, one they never believed they would have to build. The machine allows certain nE's to have their powers once more. Not on the level they used to have, but in a weakened capacity. As a result the only machines the nE are capable of producing are ones that they created before the pangea universe was broken up. However, this has not stopped many factions of nE's from interfering with the growth cycle of a number of universes. Some nE factions are trying to force the multiverse back into a pangea state, some are supporting the new form. There are even some that are simply creating or destroying simply because they can, or have gone mad.
While cases of nE benevolence are few and far between, cases of nE hostility are numerous. If meeting up with any nE factions one must consider them to be extremely hostile, and to err on the side of caution.