Nora Beausang/ Malon
Age: 198 years old. (and a lot older)
Weight: Zero. (Held in place by will.)
Description- Spirit.
Species- Human: Personality- kindly, sometimes distant, but with fire and ice.
History- A daughter of a once somewhat wealthy landowner, her childhood up until age nine, when her mom passed away, was happy. After her mother died her world turned upside down, as it started the cycle of abuse and eventual molestation by her father, culminating in them losing the land for unpaid taxes.when she turned twelve. Her dad decided to move to Paris to get a new start, but things there went downhill rather quickly. Her father  ended up selling her to a pair of tavern owners named the Blancs, then woke the next day chained to a ship having been sold to slavery himself. Nora was forced into prostitution, but the trip to Paris had ruined her health. Within a year she and the Blancs had died from cholera and been dumped in the catacombs beneath Paris where she discovered her suffering was only just begining as she was turned and sold by the Blancs to the death spirit known as Boneyard. It was to be close to one hundred and eighty eight years before Ghost showed up and rescued her. It was during the rescue Ghost discovered she was the reincarnation of his first love, Malon, and she had been searching for him for centuries. Nora has yet to figure that out for herself, and since she has a portion of Ghost's memories, sees herself sometimes as a poor useless substitute for the only girl he ever loved.

Powers include- walking through matter, flight, and telekinesis. She also controls a spirit animal named Pupford that gives her Node powers that she can chain together for multiple effects, currently including invincibility, super healing, super speed, spikes, energy drain, giga-flare, shielding, beam splitter, augmentation, and cheer leading.