Age: unknown
Weight: Zero. Stays in place by will.
Description- Herald for several of the previous White Ladies,
Species- human: Personality- happy, cunning, money grubbing

History- Not much is known about the pre-death history of the herald known as Roy. Some believe he was a merchant with a shameless habit of rooking his customers, others say he was a gambler with a curse of money lust placed on him. Some even say he was a priest in the past, and was convinced that salvation in the afterlife can only come through the blessing of gold. Whatever the history, Roy has been a herald for a long time, even longer than the current Raggedy King has been in charge of the Decay. Roy is bound by his word though. Once given, as long as they can pay his price, he must perform the service no matter how impossible it may seem. Although, Ghost seems to have him locked in by giving him a salary, where his true alliance is has nothing to Ghost and might not even be to the current White Lady, he might instead be bound to the office of the White Lady. Roy has survived a long time and has amassed a large number of dirty tricks.

Powers include- phasing through matter, telekinesis, flight, the manifestation of mufti-dimensional tools called orbs, his most effective he calls Orbitson.